Martina Domeniconi - Certified 'Ordnungs-Coach FO' (Professional Home Organizer)

As a mother of two active boys (born 2009 und 2011) I completely understand that life can get a bit out of hand and slightly disorganized. :-)

It’s not easy at all to get everything done and to live up to everybody’s expectations.

Shopping, house work, job, pay the bills, plan the meals, the kid’s activities and other things going on… sometimes it’s really a bit overwhelming.

On a daily basis, new things find their way into our house: mail, letters from the school, groceries, presents for the kids, Easter, Christmas … but where do we put all this stuff?


When I think back, I probably already liked organizing as a child and liked arranging little events.

After graduating from the ‘Tourismusfachschule STF’ in Sierre, Switzerland, I worked for approximately 12 years in the Tourism and Marketing field as an Assistant, learning a lot about organization. When I became a mom for the first time in 2009, I wanted to enjoy motherhood and I was a stay-at-home mom for several years. Additionally, I had a small children second-hand shop to keep me busy.

But then I decided it’s time for a new challenge and I did a course with Frau Ordnung to become a certified ‘Ordnungs-Coach FO’ (Professional Organizer).

My goal is to help people manage the daily chaos and help them create a tidy and organized home, where they can feel cozy and relaxed. I think it’s essential to have time for the important things in life like yourself, your hobbies and your family.