Are you tired of always tidying up? Do you finally want a neat and organized home, less stress and more time? It's possible!

Professional Home Organizer Zurich

Do you finally want a neat and tidy home that stays organized?

Let’s do it together! I will show you in a  personal coaching how you can create a tidy and organized home. 

Does it feel like your always tidying up? 

Are you constantly looking for something? You are not satisfied with your home organization. You feel bad, because you can’t do it alone. Visitors that just show up by surprise are your nightmare.

I will show you in a personal coaching with simple tips and tricks how you can learn to be tidy and sustainably organized. Together we will create a tidy home in a short time.


You walk through your home… everything is at its place. You don’t have to clean up the kitchen before making yourself a coffee in the morning. You don’t trip over Lego pieces when you just want to let in some fresh air.

After the coaching you will have more time for yourself, your family and your friends, because your home in tidy and organized.

Why do I need this coaching? Everybody knows how to tidy up, right?

As a certified ‘Ordungs-Coach FO’ (Professional Organizer) I have learned how to tidy up fast, simple and sustainably.

A coaching has the following advantages:

  • We tidy up with a system. Your orderliness will last.
  • Together we are faster, since we are two.
  • I will help you make important decisions fast regarding what to keep or not.
  • In future you will save money, because you will purchase less and not make double purchases.
  • You will have more space in your home and less things. This makes it easier to tidy up and keep everything organized, As you may have seen on the KonMari Series on Netflix.
  • I will accompany you until you are satisfied. Together we can do it!

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