What does a home organizer do exactly at my house? What is the procedure?

A home organizer will support you to tidy up sustainably and with system. Together we will develop a solution that works for you and your life situation at the moment. We do it together. We will sort through, declutter and make a new structure and I will give you many useful tips and tricks for the future. At the end of the coaching you know how to tidy up correctly and you can then continue to tidy up on your own and with a lot of confidence.

Can’t I do it myself? It can’t be so hard… is it worth spending money for this?

With the help of a home organizer you are guaranteed to finish a lot faster and reach your goal more efficiently. You will say yourself a lot of time and nerves. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily continue by yourself. In the future you will save a lot of money, because you won’t buy things double or make bad buys. If tidying up were easy, then why is Marie Kondo so successful with here bestseller books about home organizing? Since 2019 she has her own series on Netflix called “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”. I love this show. My coaching is roughly the same thing. I like to compare tidying up with loosing wait or doing sport regularly. It’s a lot easier and more fun, with a supporting coach at your side, that will motivate you and give you many useful tips and tricks and wont let you give up that easily.

Will the coach force me to get rid of stuff or try to talk me into something?

Of course not. As a professional organizer I will only support you with your tidying up project and will help you make decisions faster and will only share my experiences with you. Where exactly we start up tidying and what you want to keep or not, will be your own decision. Basically all that matters is: Does it (still) spark joy or not?

Isn’t it embarrassing and too personal? First of all, that I didn’t make it by myself and secondly, because we will go through all my personal belongings (example clothes)?

For me as a professional organizer this is my daily business. I like a mess, because I enjoy tidying up. So, for me this is an interesting challenge and I enjoy doing it. Some people have real talents and I really like tidying up. It’s completely normal in these busy times, where you can shop 24h online and most people own way too many things, that you lose the overview. On a daily basis, new things arrive in your home. It’s not possible to keep on top of things all the time. And then they land somewhere in a drawer or anywhere in the house and after a while it can get untidy… that’s completely normal and happens to everybody (also at our house). The only important thing is, to make the first step, because tidying up is addictive. I have also heard that tidying up is like a muscle. The more you do it, the better you get…

Do I have to prepare something before the home organizer comes by? Do I have to buy many shelves and boxes?

No, not at all. First of all, we will get organized. Most of the time after tidying up and decluttering you will have enough space for your belongings. So, you really don’t need to prepare anything beforehand. Normally I will come by quickly for a look before the coaching. In case we do need to purchase something, I would tell you then. Usually all we need is a few small organizing helpers. You can decide yourself if you want this. I don’t have my own products that I will try to sell to you.

What will happen with the decluttered things? Will the coach just take them away from me?

I guarantee that I won’t take anything from you. I think, you will probably be happier, if you recycle the things yourself. Marie Kondo says, that the way you recycle should ideally also spark joy, so that’s different for everybody. Some people want to bring the stuff to a thrift shop, others want to attend a flee market to sell the items online on Tutti or so…. Or you know a really good organization, that you can donate the things to. There are so many options and that’s really for you to decide. Recently I went to a re-home event for the first time where you could get a lot of items for free…

Is this system sustainable? Will I never have to tidy up again?

After the coaching it will be much easier to keep your space tidy. Every item will have it's own home. All you need to do, is bring it back home after use. And ideally you should ask yourself very time you purchase something new, if you can let go one or more items of the same category, so you always have roughly the same amount of things (one in, one out rule).
Of course in every day life it will always get a little bit messy, especially if you have kids or pets or both around. But if you take 10-20 min every day after the coaching to get a "restart" then your space will always stay tidy and organized.